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*About www.places4rent.com:
Places4Rent is a rental directory and services portal. Started in 1998, the purpose of this site is to find and list all available rental resources within any given city or town.

Places4Rent is also a forum whereby owners and renters may contact one another. Renters have the ability to place "Wanted" ads to describe their needs or search available listings. Owners may respond to the "Wanted" ads or post vacancies via our partner sites.

Many of the listings found within this site are submitted from the major apartment and rental sites found on the Internet. When you search Places4Rent, you save time as search results contain listings gathered from many different sources!

Some of our current content providers include:

Rent Direct is owned and operated by Manhattan rental brokers bringing you a full inventory representing over 325 landlords who own or manage over 1500 rental buildings.

Looking for an apartment? Rent.com is fast, free and easy to use. Sign a lease with a property you found through Rent.com and we'll pay you $100 cash!.

Search a national database of the most visual, interactive apartment listings online, and visit the MovingCenter for everything you'll need to arrange your move.

The Apartment Blue Book Online is America’s easy-to-use rental community guide. Apartments, duplexes, condos and quadraplexes at your fingertips, we have a great selection to choose from.

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